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Fractional Routing Number Converter latran




What is the best way to create a quick and easy spreadsheet/formula to work out the sum of any telephone directory number with a fractional section. For example I have a number that is 43121234567. I would like it to return: 43121234567 + 31, 123,456,7, into the cell with the telephone number so that it returns 43121234567 + 31,123,456,7. I have seen the below formula that does a similar job but it doesn't allow a fractional part within the address, I would like to do this without using multiple IF formulas. =SUM(1+TEXT(RIGHT(B2,FIND(",",B2)-1)) =SUM(1+TEXT(LEFT(B2,FIND(",",B2)-1)) So just to make it more clear, in the above formula I have the current telephone number in B2 and it has a number of commas in it. 1+TEXT(RIGHT(B2,FIND(",",B2)-1)) will then look to see if there is a comma after the last digit of the telephone number (before the 43121234567). If it finds a comma it will add 1 to the number in the second part (LEFT(B2,FIND(",",B2)-1) and if there isn't a comma it will then add the number in the first part (1+TEXT(LEFT(B2,FIND(",",B2)-1)). Does anyone know if there is a quick and easy way to do this as an Excel formula or is it something that would need to be programmed using VBA. You're probably asking the wrong question, because to my knowledge, there is no "quick and easy way" to perform this operation. There are a lot of ways to do it, but as someone who has to do this often in my job, I don't want to write some kludge that a lot of people would end up cursing my name for later. Here are two standard functions you can use to perform this operation: fractional Routing Number: Assumes that your telephone number is in a cell with text value. I use the second




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Fractional Routing Number Converter latran

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